I love to see different kinds of birds so we keep our bird feeder full, most times. This winter we had 6 pairs hanging around and I was able to capture one sitting in our lilac bushes. They are so pretty this time of year.


5 thoughts on “Cardinals!

      • Surfing the web I saw a cartoon that projected me to the floor with laughter. There was a sign in the middle of a huge mountain of snow. The sign read: “Free snow, take home all you want.”

        It has been quite a snowfall this year. Too much for many people who are flying south seeking warmer temperatures.




  1. HaHa, cute! We shoveled 10-12 inches the day before we were to leave. Then Chicago had received a record 19.5 inches so we were delayed by a day, oh well. Got to remain flexible and go with the flow. Enjoy your day!


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