Listening is the Key~

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know.  But if you listen, you may learn something new”  DALI LAMA

Ever have an acquaintance or a friend talk too much?  It seems they like to hear themselves talk and expound on things they absolutely have no idea of.  You start to tune them out and not listen.  But sometimes, we tune out altogether and stop listening to just about everyone.  Not truly listening as we are busy with our agenda of the day and just nod or may even answer but have no clue what the discussion was about later.

Part of truly listening is being in the moment and giving undivided attention to the situation.  We may learn something along the way, maybe about the other person or even about ourselves.  Have a beautiful day and practice Listening!

Understanding Ourselves

“What is a fear of living? It’s being preeminently afraid of dying. It is not doing what you came here to do, out of timidity and spinelessness. The antidote is to take full responsibility for yourself – for the time you take up and the space you occupy. If you don’t know what you’re here to do, then just do some good.” Maya Angelou

Too many people don’t take responsibility for their actions or failures…..It’s always someone else’s fault. They place blame everywhere but on themselves and have excuses for their actions. We are here on this earth for a purpose and we may not always know exactly what that is. But there is a reason we are living and breathing, taking up space in this world. The world doesn’t owe you but we owe the world to be the best we can be.

As we encounter people day to day, maybe even for just a moment or brief interaction, we can have possibly made an influence unbeknownst to us. It is important to always be kind and generous with our speech to even strangers we pass along the way. Be Happy and operate from a place of love in your hearts. What is there deep inside will project outward and will also attract it back from the universe.

I wish all a Blessed Day!

A Day in the Life

This is a heartbreakingly sad situation and most of the world has moved on and forgotten. We just go along on our day to day lives having no idea about different cultures and their customs. Their custom has not allowed them to change or think of better ways even when they were uprooted from their homeland.

So often we get caught up with the little day to day things that we think are so important but in the long run, are they? Does it matter if you get to the store 10 minutes later when you have crazy traffic or they don’t have your favorite item at the store? How about the stupid squabble you had with someone recently and now have animosity or discontent in your heart? Live life to the fullest and with Joy and Love. Peace and Blessings~

Untold Stories


It’s seven o’clock and Tierkidi refugee-camp is buzzling of early morning activity. It’s food distribution day, and Nyaboth (16) is patiently waiting for the queue in front of her to get smaller.

No one knows the exact number of refugees in the Gambell-region. But we are at least looking at 250.000. More than a quarter of a million people who are dependent on the food that World Food Program is distributing.

The line is moving slow, but Nyaboth isn’t in a hurry as long as she gets what she came for. Four hours later, she has collected all the items her family is entitled to this month. The previous four hours were more boring than exhausting. Now the tough part comes. The 16-year old has to get 150 kilos of flour, maize, oil, lentils and soap back to her tent a couple of kilometres away.

−I have to sell some…

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Love Yourself, Be Happy!

How To Make A Beautiful Life by Unknown Author

“Love yourself.
Make peace with who you are
and where you are at this moment in time.

Listen to your heart.
If you can’t hear what it’s saying in this noisy world,
make time for yourself. Enjoy your own company.
Let your mind wander among the stars.

Try. Take chances. Make mistakes.
Life can be messy and confusing, but it’s also full of surprises.
The next rock in your path may be a stepping stone.

Be happy. When you don’t have what you want,
want what you have. Make do.
That’s a well-kept secret of contentment.

There aren’t any shortcuts to tomorrow.
You have to make your own day.
To know where you’re going is only part of it.
You need to know where you’ve been too.
And if you get lost, don’t worry.
The people who love you will find you.
Count on it.

Life isn’t days and years.
It’s what you do with time
and with all the goodness and grace
that’s inside of you.
Make a beautiful life…
The kind of life you deserve.”

I was watching these lovely children run up and down the beach and jumping into the water. They had such joy and unabashed enthusiasum for the open water and sand. You couldn’t help but to smile and enjoy with them.

Enjoy life with utter abandon of what others think and live it to the fullest!