Remember your GRACES!

This is a great reminder in how to behave and interact as a human being who is compassionate and caring towards all 🙂 I love this!


Remember your GRACES!

Today’s message is this:

When interacting with those who are either totally unaware of what is going on around them, or choosing to close their minds, ears and eyes to it because they do not want to “go there”, there are a few ways of ensuring that they treat you well and not abusively, disrespectfully or offhandedly.

First, use Grace, Respect, Acknowledgment, Clarity, Equality and Sincerity.
Use these for all of your interactions.
Secondly, Breathe, breathe, BREATHE!!
Third, Remain centered and calm.
Fourth, Look every one you speak to in the eye with Love, kindness and understanding. (They are where they are meant to be, respect that.)
Fifth, Send out Love to all around, yes all, whomever they are, whatever they have done or have not done that you consider wrong or bad. In time, they will be “called out”…

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