9 thoughts on “Heroes of the month

  1. What a magnanimous reblog of the human tragedy playing out across Europe in the form of hapless mass of humanity fleeing violence and squalor in their countries of origin, Barbara. Irony is that many of the European nations talk about it as if beset with some unmanageable natural calamity, when prudence and pragmatism dictate that the issue be tackled humanely in a spirit of accommodation. Dig deeply into history and it will be seen that many of the safely ensconced communities in most of the affluent nations of Europe, Americas and Oceania, have been immigrants from indigent circumstances elsewhere, who worked their up
    utilising the opportunities in the countries that opened doors or into which they manoeuvred their way through. In our globalised world of today, religions, country borders and nationalities are outdated concepts that will soon become anachronisms. People and nations will have to move into pools of shared resources, beliefs and cultures. The sooner this is appreciated, the better. My latest post touches on this very issue, and I suggest you read it if you have not as yet…best wishes… Raj.

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    • Raj, you are spot on in your thinking. Many Europeans are migrants and for them to want to keep Europe “white” is completely ridiculous and shameful showing that they are so very ignorant. Thank you, for your thoughtful comment!

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  2. You are so welcome! It is nice to hear of good things in the world amongst the horrible news that is out there. Spreading love and peace is what we should all strive for. Thank you, for stopping by…have a beautiful day!


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