Northern Illinois

Bio: Hi, My husband retired Nov. 2013 and I've been a stay at home mom for some years now. We are enjoying our lives together now without having to leave each morning for work. We've two college age daughters and we're hoping to be able to spend long term in the Caribbean one day soon. I just started this blog to be able to put up some photos. Who knows where it will take me, haha! Many Blessings!

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  1. Thank you for the follow, Schuttzie, and back at you. Looking forward to the photos. And, by the way, the day I don’t have to leave each morning for work. Ha! Yeah, as though that day will ever come. 🙂


    • Thank you, Peter! I just found your blog and am so very inexperienced with blogging, it is a work in progress learning, haha. Very new to me. I found some others interested in photography that I aspire to be like. We are taking a trip to Puerto Rico so I’d like to add a few photos when we return. I look forward to reading your blog, many Blessings!



      • Oh, and the day will come when you can retire and live your dreams. Don’t give up hope! We just recently retired so we’re exploring our options 🙂


  2. Morning Barbara,

    I was surprised to see that you opened a new blog to express your experiences with others. That is so nice to have you as a blogger. Welcome to the club. Will be attentive at your new postings.


    Best Regards,



    • That is so true! This winter has been really brutal and we’ve woken today to -14F. Spring cannot come fast enough for me, lol. We are already trying to plan for another trip next winter. Thank you, for stopping by and commenting, take care!


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    • Oh, Thank you for your comment. We are currently a looking at Puerto Rio but in the past have considered Jamaica after many visits. PR seems to fit our needs to spend time for long periods until we decide where to relocate.


  3. I look forward to the day that I can retire! My kids are in middle school and high school, so I’m still carting them off to sporting event after sporting event. Sigh. Spending time in the Caribbean seems like a dream! Best of luck!


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    • It will be here before you know it as you plan and prepare and then are able to retire. We have a almost 20 yr. still at home and going to community college. The years go by pretty fast as you are involved in their daily lives. Sounds like you have an active family, how wonderful! Thank you for the best wishes and stopping to comment, Rob. Have a fantastic day!

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  4. Hello, dear Lynz! We are very excited at this juncture in our lives and are looking to do some long term “vacations” in Puerto Rico but who knows, we may end up somewhere completely different. I’d love to travel around the whole world, if possible,haha.


  5. John and Mary, I stumbled upon your blog and have started from the beginning and I’m so enjoying it! You are a lovely couple and seem so much like my hubby and I. I will continue to read to get up to date. Thank you for stopping by my little place. Many Blessings to you both!


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