Vision from the Margins

This is from another blogger who is healing from eye surgery. It is so beautiful and thoughtful, enjoy!

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

With these shifting layers of sight
I wonder what is real.
Do I see your fear and sadness
Or only what I feel?
The letters that I type
dance upon the page
now clear, now blurred
making distance impossible to gage.
I’ve always lived on the margin
never feeling I was a part
of the laughter or the fighting
never knowing how to start
to bridge the distance
between myself and others
that I felt within my heart.
I have loved you from the sidelines.
Perhaps more than you’ll ever know.
But I’m happier in nature,
peaceful and alone.
My vision doesn’t matter then
when my imagination can roam
first close than far, now shallow then deep
feeling no one is judging me
for the company I keep,
for my fumbling social awkwardness
because I don’t belong
in the busy fray of jostling
to rise above the…

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This is from a wonderful insightful blogger, she is great!



There are so many times that the most perfect way to express oneself is in what is known as grace. Grace is a way of being, a way of knowing, a way of expressing oneself in truth, benevolence and utter respect for all, without judgment in any shape, form or description. When one acts in grace toward all, including oneself, then one can be in harmony and balance and ultimately in complete inflowment with all around one. In these moments, only beautiful, enjoyable and harmonious experiences occur. Life becomes balanced and one is able to recognize the perfection in every happening. When one acknowledges that keeping everything simple in one’s life is the best route, one easily moves into grace. That which becomes complicated leads to imbalance, disharmony and troubling moments. “Keeping it simple” is a really good way to move and flow through ones life experiences. Stop. Breathe…

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I love to see different kinds of birds so we keep our bird feeder full, most times. This winter we had 6 pairs hanging around and I was able to capture one sitting in our lilac bushes. They are so pretty this time of year.



“Man is the only creature endowed with the power of laughter; is he not also the only one that deserves to be laughed at?”

-Lord Greville

We all need to be able to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves to seriously, True?